Quickly find some answers to frequently asked questions...

Are there specific rates for certain types of entities?

No, direct.live does not offer special rates for certain types of entities.

For example, there is no special rate for nonprofits, schools, worship entities, or other organizations. The prices of direct.live are the same for everyone, however there are discounts applicable if you commit to subscription periods and larger volumes.

I cannot register with Yopmail or Tempail, HELP!

Please prefer your corporate email or personal address like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

What are the prerequisites to view a direct.live?

direct.live is in constant development and we strive to make our services compatible with all terminals (Computer, Tablet, Smartphone) and networks (wired: xDSL / Fiber Optic or wireless: WiFi / 3G / 4G / 5G).

However, to enjoy the best possible experience we recommend that you:

      to use an up-to-date computer (Windows or Mac OS) and browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari).
      to prefer a wired connection from your terminal
      have an Internet connection of at least 5 Mbit / s for reception (to benefit from HD) or 1 Mbit / s (for SD).

I was billed to my credit card by direct.live, what is it?

If you haven't created an account on direct.live and you see a payment in your bank account, there is a good chance that you have viewed a paying direct.live from one of our customers.

Either you made a fee-for-service payment to view an event or you may have purchased a subscription to specific content. Check when you made this payment and if you watched anything that day or days before.

What payment method do you accept for my direct.live account?

direct.live accepts payment by credit card as its primary method of payment.

If you want to take out an event subscription or an annual subscription you can also pay by check or transfer. For more information concerning these alternative payment methods, we invite you to contact our sales team.